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at SeatGeek


About the company


What is SeatGeek?

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch. We search dozens of the biggest ticket sites and present the results all in one place. With Deal Score and our gorgeous interactive maps, users can find the best deal and sit exactly where they want.

What's it like to work at SeatGeek?

By day, we're a group of talented developers, designers, marketers, and businessfolk working together to build something new and different. We represent live event junkies of every kind: diehard sports fans, passionate concert-goers, sophisticated theater enthusiasts, and more. From our lives outside the office and before SeatGeek, we all have interesting stories to tell.

We're a tech startup to the core
Our team is small and agile, and we're keenly focused on building a great user experience.

We stay focused
Red tape, office politics and buzzword-driven development are not allowed.

We're religiously analytical
That's why we built and open-sourced our own A/B testing software.

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About the role

First, a little background: We launched the first version of the SeatGeek iPhone app in December 2012. Since then, we've added iPad support, user accounts, performer/event tracking, push notifications for newly-announced nearby events, and a native checkout flow. We humbly believe this app represents a leap forward for event ticketing on iOS.

The app works well and our users love us – we're rated 4.5 stars with thousands of reviewsand we’ve been featured several times – but there's much more to do. Our team is constantly iterating on the checkout experience, in app ticket delivery, and push notifications for great deals, but there are many other exciting places on our roadmap. SeatGeek makes finding a great ticket easy, but the live event experience does not end there. That's where you come in.

Check out the app in the App Store. If you like what you see, but think you can make it even better, we'd love to hear from you.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Help define what mobile means for an entire industry. Ticketing now is where photo sharing was before Instagram – these are exciting times
  • Write code that will be used by millions and recognized by the most discerning app reviewers out there: Apple
  • Work with, teach, and learn from the other iOS engineers
  • Collaborate with the SeatGeek design team to prototype and develop new UI components

We're Looking For Engineers Who

  • Have spent at least one year building iPhone apps (our ideal candidate would have a bit more experience, but we don't want to exclude talented people)
  • Are comfortable handling plenty of responsibility and can see projects to completion with minimal help and intervention
  • Have developed beautiful, useful apps that are live in the App Store
  • Find satisfaction in details – we've noticed the best iOS engineers are as obsessed with pixels as they are with view controllers and NSSortDescriptors
  • Care about building something that's used and loved by many



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