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About the company


What is SeatGeek?

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch. We search dozens of the biggest ticket sites and present the results all in one place. With Deal Score and our gorgeous interactive maps, users can find the best deal and sit exactly where they want.

What's it like to work at SeatGeek?

By day, we're a group of talented developers, designers, marketers, and businessfolk working together to build something new and different. We represent live event junkies of every kind: diehard sports fans, passionate concert-goers, sophisticated theater enthusiasts, and more. From our lives outside the office and before SeatGeek, we all have interesting stories to tell.

We're a tech startup to the core
Our team is small and agile, and we're keenly focused on building a great user experience.

We stay focused
Red tape, office politics and buzzword-driven development are not allowed.

We're religiously analytical
That's why we built and open-sourced our own A/B testing software.

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About the role

We're looking for smart, curious engineers who want to help millions of people experience the thrill of live entertainment. The ticketing industry is messy, complex and ultimately makes attending live events more difficult than it should be; we believe a clever application of software can fix that.

SeatGeek is a product-centric organization that deploys code into production multiple times per day. Our application is built in the microservice architectural style and we strive to use the best language for the task at hand. We make it a priority to open source what we can.

What We're Looking For

  • At least 2 years of professional software engineering experience or a Comp Sci (or equivalent*) degree.
  • Experience building web applications. We'll be most interested in hearing about what you've built.
  • Expert with at least one language and good with several others.
  • Passionate about software craftsmanship and product: you have well-considered opinions about how software should work, both inside and out.
* Note: Learn-to-code bootcamps do not qualify as equivalent

The Tools We Use

You absolutely do not need experience with all of these, but we thought you might be curious.

  • Languages: Python (our primary language), Go and PHP (the application)
  • Datastores: MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch
  • Server: Nginx, Tornado and flask for Python, all running on AWS



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