Frequently Asked Questions

What's the UpScore?

The UpScore is a numerical grade that measures the relevance of your resume to a company’s job description. Our scoring algorithm runs on a scale of 1 to 100. UpScored considers your work experience, skill set, and education, as well as thousands of other data points. We go far beyond basic filtering to understand the context of your background versus the job requirements. The goal of the scoring system is to show you career opportunities that will open doors in your current field and positions in other industries by which your skills are applicable. The higher the score, the more relevant the opportunity.

What types of companies and roles are on the site?

UpScored includes a wide range of career opportunities from top companies that we’ve hand selected - from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. Industries include technology, internet, finance, retail, and consumer goods. All companies on our site have one attribute in common: they are among the best in their respective sectors. They have appeared on lists like Forbes’ Most Promising Companies, Fortune’s Best Places to Work, and Crain’s Fast 50. And we’re adding companies every week!

Open positions on our site include both non-technical and technical roles - e.g. project management, business development, data science, front-end and back-end engineering, sales, and operations. Although we have a wide selection, we narrow the scope for you by analyzing your background.

How quickly will I see career opportunities that match me?

Instantly. Gone are the days where you have to manually search through irrelevant job openings or wait several days to see job prospects.

How does the thumbs up and thumbs down function work?

The thumbs up and thumbs down function is a very important part of the UpScored experience. The more you give jobs you like a thumbs up and jobs you don’t like a thumbs down, the better we’re able to understand what you’re looking for in your career. Our technology learns from your career preferences - similar to Pandora or Spotify. We update results weekly, and the next set of your results will reflect the types of roles you like/dislike. Keep going - it continues to improve! Our technology adapts to you.

What if I haven’t updated my resume?

Our career experts recommend updating your resume every 3 months - even when you’re not actively looking for a new position. In order to see personalized results, it’s best that you upload a recent version of your resume. That said, we understand that regularly updating your resume is not always easy or realistic. At the very least, you can upload a PDF export of your LinkedIn Profile, though a document with more detail on recent work experience is best.

Why am I directed to company career sites when I click "learn more?"

Many of the opportunities on our site direct you to company career pages. We will be onboarding employers soon in order to make direct connections. In the interim, if you email us about a role that you love and score highly against, we will personally contact the company on your behalf. We can be reached at

What if I’m not finding career opportunities in my city?

Currently, most of the opportunities on our platform are from top companies in the New York area. However, we’re growing quickly and will be expanding to more cities soon. If you’re located outside of New York, we suggest uploading your resume now so we can be sure to send you local results when we arrive to a city near you. If you’d like to email us with suggestions, we’d love to hear from you at

Will my current employer see my resume?

No. We ensure your current employer will not see your resume.