Meet the Company Bringing Transparency and Control to Media Buying … And They’re Hiring!

Meet the Company Bringing Transparency and Control to Media Buying … And They’re Hiring!

Posted on Dec. 30, 2016, 8:05 p.m.

At UpScored, we choose to partner with companies and teams who are visionaries in their field, which is why we’re excited to highlight one of our favorite partner companies this week: Beeswax. Read on to learn more about their platform, mission, and why Beeswax should be your next career move.

What Beeswax Does…

Founded by former Google and DoubleClick leaders, Beeswax has built an advanced, highly customizable solution for sophisticated media buyers. With the current “black box” nature of most adtech platforms, Beeswax has created the industry's first Bidder-as-a-Service™ (“BaaS”) model. Media buyers with unique data need a platform with more ownership. Beeswax is doing just that by giving their customers the power and flexibility of their own programmatic "stack" – and at a significantly lower price point. As Beeswax’s CEO, Ari Paparo, explains, the Company’s Bidder-as-a-Service provides their customers with “all the plumbing on day one, including a UI, a REST API, data pipelines, etc. But they then can deploy their own code in our cloud to build a truly custom bidding operation.”

Beeswax raised $11 million this past fall led by top VCs RRE and the Foundry Group. Not to mention, their roster of seed investors is a who's who of leading executives in the adtech space, including the CEO of MediaMath, CEO of LiveRamp, and the CEO of MoPub – to name a few. This funding round has not only positioned Beeswax to grow rapidly in the US, but also expand its infrastructure in Europe.

Straight From The Source...

Ram Rengaswamy, CTO, offers his perspective on Beeswax:

“We're building a top-tier engineering culture using the best of what we've learned from Google but in an environment that moves really fast. People can't believe how much we've scaled with a small team on AWS.”

Why We Think Beeswax Is In A League of Its Own…

With the Company’s new funding and an ambitious mission, we think Beeswax is an exceptional place to grow your career. The team at Beeswax truly understands their customers’ pain points. To put it simply, they’ve built a product that the market both wants and needs. And not surprisingly, Beeswax was named one of Business Insider's "Top 25 Start-Ups" of 2015. It’s not often that we find companies of this size with proven success and massive growth ahead – which undoubtedly equates to a huge opportunity for new hires over the next several months (and years).

As they scale their product and organization, they are looking for team members who can architect and implement scalable solutions. Beeswax has created an organization that focuses on actionable tasks and a collaborative community, so everyone can reach both their individual goals and the goals of the company faster. In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a lean team with big ideas.

A Sample Of Their Open Roles...