Finding Your Dream Job Shouldn’t Be A Second Job

Finding Your Dream Job Shouldn’t Be A Second Job

Posted on Sept. 28, 2015, 11:21 p.m.

Most of us have experienced the grueling process of searching for a new job. When considering career moves in the past, I would spend hours on LinkedIn, job boards, and other matching sites trying to track down roles that I qualified for – and then more time writing cover letters, adjusting my resume, and filling out applications. “Cast a wide net. It’s a volume game,” people would say. Even passively looking for career opportunities can be overwhelming. With all of the advances in technology, shouldn’t the job search be more efficient?

Hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals don’t have it easy either. At our previous company, my two co-founders and I were early members of a team tasked with building the firm’s first big data strategy group. During our time launching and growing the division, we experienced the challenges of hiring firsthand. The most frustrating part is that we knew strong candidates were being lost in the mix, but we didn’t have time to manually review every applicant. Through conversations with recruiting leaders at top start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, we quickly found that companies of all sizes face similar challenges.

The system is broken. There’s too much time wasted in the hiring process for both candidates and companies. Current technologies use simple keyword matching and basic filtering, which allow for error and result in poor matching. Although modern technology has improved recruiting over the years, there is still a significant amount of noise in the talent marketplace.

At UpScored, it’s our mission to make sure qualified candidates aren’t lost in the noise. We make finding your dream job better and faster by cutting through the clutter. How? We’re challenging outdated systems with the power of data science. UpScored acts as an advanced router, analyzing thousands of data points on your resume while incorporating your preferences to show you the right career opportunities. Our platform leverages granular insight rather than using simple keyword matching. We show you job openings that score highly against your experience and skills, so you can focus your time on pursuing the best career prospects.

Because at UpScored, we believe that finding your dream job shouldn’t be a second job.

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