Backend Services Engineering
at Sourcepoint Technologies

  This job is no longer active.

About the company

Sourcepoint Technologies
SourcePoint is a content compensation platform that supports a sustainable media ecosystem through a fair value exchange between consumers and publishers. We help publishers quantify their monetization challenges and provides technology to address the issue by increasing the options available for consumers to support the content they love.

About the role

What We Do
We have systems for data collection,  real-time processing, user data management, a global proxy network and integrate with advertising and data systems (and a roadmap with many other new and interesting things)

Experience building scalable server-oriented systems in Java and C++.

About the Team
The Sourcepoint engineering team is distributed between New York and Seattle.  It consists of software engineers, test engineers, devops engineers, and data scientists working together with our product organization.  We are building technology that is internet-scale that touches consumers, publishers, and all aspects of the demand side of the digital advertising ecosystem.  We believe in excellence in execution, empowered employees, and a close-knit culture of people who like to work together.  We believe in using the best tools for the job, are willing to take risks, embrace best-of-breed yet are not afraid to invent new things when needed, and take tremendous pride in the value that we bring to our customers and each other.

We are a close-knit group that works in an agile way - hand-in-hand with some of the biggest and most influential digital publishers in the world as well as with other members of the Sourcepoint team in sales, marketing, business development and client services.  We deliver on a product roadmap that combines the need of reliability, scale, elegance and innovation.  You will be working in a growing technology portfolio that includes Java, Go, Ruby, Javascript, Chef, PostgreSQL, Aerospike, Kafka, HDFS, Hive and some of the most sophisticated client-side Javascript you’ve ever seen.  You will be part of a small team that’s responsible for critical functionality for the business. 

About You
We’re looking for engineers of all levels of experience.  We believe that great Senior Engineers come from great Junior Engineers.   You should be someone that is able to work in an agile fashion - iterative, high quality, and in partnership with customers and members of the business team - and comfortable doing it in the presence of uncertainty.   You also should be someone willing to be accountable for taking an idea and turning it into a solution that not only solves the business problem but is maintainable by others and extensible as needs change.
Beyond your specific technical competency and experience, we are looking for people who
  • Can communicate well with others
  • Are self-starting and can work independently
  • Embrace using data to help make decisions
  • Like to work with others as a team
  • Deal well with change and challenge






Software Engineering

  This job is no longer active.