Meet The Champion For Small Businesses … And They’re Hiring!

Meet The Champion For Small Businesses … And They’re Hiring!

Meet The Champion For Small Businesses … And They’re Hiring!

Posted on Sept. 12, 2016, 12:23 p.m.

At UpScored, we choose to partner with only the most interesting and exceptional companies out there — the disruptors, the game-changers, the category creators. That is why we’re elated to highlight one of our favorite and newest partners: Kinnek. Read on to learn more about how Kinnek is the ally for small businesses everywhere and why you want work there!

What Kinnek Does…

Kinnek is the champion for small business. Their mission is to build a single platform for small businesses that makes discovering, transacting, communicating and interacting with suppliers more powerful, more trustworthy, and easier than ever before. Their B2B platform allows businesses to seamlessly research their purchases, connect with the most relevant suppliers, get customized quotes, and evaluate and negotiate their quotes — all in one single place. Kinnek has raised $31.5 million in funding and is backed by top VCs like Thrive Capital, Matrix Partners, and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

Straight From The Source...

Nathalie Rodriguez, who oversees recruiting, tells us why she loves working at Kinnek:

Kinnek is at a very interesting stage, we are small but have direction and focus. There is a lot of opportunity to grow and really make an impact almost immediately! We all really believe in the value Kinnek is bringing to small businesses and the effect it's having on their success.

Why We Think Kinnek Stands Apart...

From Vancouver to Napa, Kinnek is making the lives of business owners easier through better technology. For instance, think about your favorite local brewery or winery. How did they transact before Kinnek came along? Essentially, it was pen, paper, and lots of tradeshows and cataloging. The team at Kinnek has created a valuable solution by simplifying a complex, messy problem. Kinnek is all about helping SMBs do business like large companies — and we think that’s pretty damn noble!

Not only do we stand by their mission, but we’ve personally gotten to know a number of their team members. In fact, we had the opportunity to tour their HQ a while back (it’s near Madison Square Park) . It’s clear by their vibe that Kinnek far surpasses typical “start-up culture.” From their Founding Team to their new hires, innovation, dedication, and enthusiasm are embedded in Kinnek’s DNA. Oh, and did we mention they have a lot of free swag, too?

A Few Of Their Many Open Roles...